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Nemuro Memorial Hall

a Shoujo Kakumei Utena community

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Welcome to Nemuro Memorial Hall, an elite community for Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) fans. We are elitist insofar as this stands: if you cause drama or wank or are utterly incoherent, you're out. Everybody is sick of fandom wank. Otherwise, please consider joining. I promise you we'll have a good time.

All versions of the story (the anime, the manga, the movie, and the musical) are covered here. This is a community for all things involving Utena, for example: fanart, fanfiction, analysis, discussion, music swapping, and cosplay. Bring up topics for analysis and discussion. Say things nobody has dared to say before. Venture into new territory; Utena cannot be interpreted in enough ways. I hate to see this fandom die out, and I would love to see more activity come to it.

Note: This is not a role-play community. There are multiple other Utena communities dedicated to role-play.

If you want to join the community, clicky-clicky above, and a moderator will approve you upon evaluation.

Since this is Utena, just take it for granted that a good deal of our discussions will involve homosexuality and bisexuality, incest, gender-related issues etc. If you are bothered by this, you might as well leave now. And it would be best just to assume the vast majority of the conversations will involve spoilers.

Take a few rules into consideration, of course.

  1. Behave intelligently. Refrain from netspeak and sticky-caps, plzkthx. Write coherently. Use the damn spellchecker, or, better yet, proofread before you post. Think about what you say before you say it. Keep the characters in character. This is not an anything-goes bubblegum community; the community stands for posts with some substance. No "Hi I've just gotten into the fandom I love Utena lollers she's kewl" posts, got it?
  2. Be able to take criticism. Utena fans are elitist. Utena fans are harsh. If you post here, be ready to defend your arguments tooth and nail. Be willing to listen to what others have to say. Don't get offended and mad if somebody brings up a legitimate argument. If you want to go whine in your own livejournal, fine, but do not bring it here.
  3. That being said, no wank or flame wars. There is a difference between genuine criticism and wank, and you all know it. If you're going to attack, come armed with a solid argument. Utena is all about interpretation; people are going to vehemently disagree about key issues. If somebody else starts the wank in your direction, be the mature one and detour the argument.

That's fairly easy. If you want to post a work of yours, follow these rules:

  • For all works: If your work contains mature content (nudity, sex, violence, etc), or spoilers, you must place the clear, appropriate warnings before the cut. Theft is not tolerated, and violators will be blacklisted and kicked off the community. If you are posting a work by another artist, post his or her contact information / website, and be sure that you asked for permission from him or her before posting on your own account. Generic recommendations (giving an external link) are usually welcomed without prior permission, but be sure you know the rules. The artist has the final say.

  • Fanart, icons, etc: Place the art behind an LJ-cut if you are not linking to an external page. No acceptations. Be courteous to those who have a slow connection. If you are posting multiple pieces of art at one time, place them all under the same post; do not flood out the community with ten pieces on one day. Be sure to include the artist's name and credits, especially if you are posting on behalf of another artist.
  • Fiction/Analysis: Place the work behind an LJ-cut if you are not linking to an external page. No acceptations. If you are posting multiple chapters, etc, at one time, place them all under the same post; do not flood out the community with ten pieces on one day. Post all appropriate information, such as fiction genre and author, before the cut.
  • Cosplay pictures: Place the photos behind an LJ-cut if you are not linking to an external page. No acceptations. State clearly who actually sewed the costume; if you are modeling for a friend, credit him or her. If it was a commission, state that as well, and credit the artist. If you sewed your outfit yourself, please be courteous and help those who have their own cosplay questions.
  • Anime Music Videos: Use an external link for this one; God knows why you would imbed the movie in livejournal.
  • Music Sharing: If you want to request more than mp3, please batch all of your requests in one post so as not to flood out the community. If you have the file in question, please share it if physically possible. I want all of our members to get musically pimped out. Don't sacrifice your own bandwidth for this; use a site such as You Send It to upload the files.

Fuhrer / Moderator: trenchkamen